Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our secret self. Alfred North Whitehead.

Wall Murals with Egyptian and African Themes

African wildlife wall murals framing the stone work. Home improvement with wall mural of elephants at a watering hole.
Wall murals of ancient Egyptian art and African wildlife by Dreamscapes created an enveloping atmosphere. The living room has a large mural of the watering hole on one wall and two murals framing the fireplace. Each of the two smaller murals are montages of African wildlife. All of the murals above were done in inside pre-existing molding. This blending of existing architecture and mural gives the feel of a large frame painting.

Bust of pharaoh and statue murals bracketing bathroom mirror.


Egyptian wall murals and hieroglyphs.
All four bathroom walls have murals of Egyptian art. The wall coloring gives the room a sandstone block feeling, which complements the various painted wall niches with statues. Around the top of the wall near the ceiling, a series of hieroglyphs adds further Egyptian accents to the room.

Trompe l'oiel of sphinx.

These are two trompe l'oeil paintings
creating faux wall niches with statuary.

Decorative painting of a wall niche with jade cat statue.
Wall mural of pharoah art.

View of two walls showing different types of niche paintings

Details of hieroglyphs painted
on the walls near the ceiling.

Mural of Egyptian hieroglyphs Wall mural detail of hieroglyphs